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Fibers and Yarns / Fabrics / Ready-made Garments


Cashmere fiber in all available micron. Weaving length from 22mm and up, & knitting length from 30mm up to 28mm. White*white; white & natural.
Top also available.

Egyptian and Indian cotton fibers.




Always at the forefront in selling all the main yarn types:

  • Cotton

    Our cotton yarns come from India, Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt; they are both contamination controlled and FREE contamination.
    Organic cotton GOTS certified, as well as BCI Cotton, can be provided.
    Range of count offered are:

    • From NE8 to NE36, single and double, ring carded
    • From NE12 to NE160, single and double, ring combed
    • From NE20 to NE140, single and double, ring compact
    • From NE6 to NE30, single and double, Open End
    • Plus also usual corespun counts
  • Linen

    Made in China, exclusively with high quality fiber from France.
    Counts from the coarse NM6, to the finest NM50 for shirting use.

  • Silk

    High quality fancy yarns, silk basis, cotton and rayon, from Japan.
    Silk shape made in China
    Counts: NM2/40, NM2/60, NM2/120 e NM2/240.

  • Viscose

    Production in Indonesia. Counts: NE8 to NE60.

  • Polyester

    Polyester continuous yarns, also blended with other fibers; monofilament or multifilament, both intermingled and texturized.
    Counts from 50 to 600 DEN.
    Origin: Indonesia and Turkey.

  • Acrylic

    Greige and dyed yarns made in Turkey. Counts from 1/7500 to 1/40000, both HB and RX.


For fifteen years the Gatti & C. has been a reference point for the sale of woven fabrics in Italy. We represent the best international producers of raw-white and dyed fabrics, offering a wide range of products, along with the main certifications requested on the market.
The materials are cotton (including organic cot.), linen, silk, wool, polyester, viscose, modal, bamboo, Tencel and blends of these fibers.
For more than a decade we have also been selling yarn dyed fabrics for shirt, both in cotton and line, from Turkey and China


Ready-made Garments

Ready-made Garments

Range of products:


    The partner supplier we have bee working with for years are located in Turkey and India. They can offer quality products, with minimums aligned with the European clientele targets.
    We treat t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and everything concerning the circular knitwear. Materials are cotton and stretch cotton, for the casual and fashion lines; or synthetic for the active sport line.
    It is possible to make garments of different types: printed, garment-dyed, embroidered, etc.
    We carry-out productions starting from the development of the collection, according to the customer’s needs.


    Our Turkish suppliers can produce: piece-dyed and garment-dyed trousers, both classic and casual, denim and flat. They also produce technical wear for outdoor, made in Tencel, nylon, cotton and polyester.


    We deal with classic and sport shirts made in Turkey; they can be garment-dyed, yarn-dyed, embroidered, printed, etc... according to each customer's needs.


    We offer tricot / fully-fashion knitwear from the eastern European area (made in UE), from 5 to 8gg.
    Yarns used are cotton, wool, cashmere or mixed blends and they come exclusively from Italy, unless different or any specific request from the client. The minimum requirements are low and they are commensurate with the market standards.

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