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Cotton:  Carded: from Ne 8 to Ne 36 single and twisted.
Combed: from Ne 12 to Ne 170 single and twisted.
Compact: from Ne 20 to Ne 140 single and twisted.
Open End: from Ne 6 to Ne 30 single and twisted.
Linen: From Nm 6 to Nm 50.
Wool: Carded, Lambswool and Shetland.
Worsted from Ne 12 to Ne 2/80 single and twisted.
Mixed blend from Nm 15 to Nm 50 single and twisted.
Cashmere: From Nm 1/14 to Nm 2/60.
Silk: Shappe Nm 2/40, Nm 2/60, Nm 2/120, Nm 2/240.
Viscose and polyeste: From Ne 8 to Ne 60.
Continuous filament: Nylon, polyester and mixed blend.
From: Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, and China.